Bouncy Pumpkin Tutorial

Bouncy Pumpkin is a demo using Unity Tiny 0.29. A player collects potions scattered around a spooky village. Unity Tiny provides faster loading time and faster gameplay compared to standard Unity Engine. While it’s still in Preview Mode, Tiny(DOTS) already has proven to be the next trend in Game Development. The link below is a tutorial solely on the programming.

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Bouncy Pumpkin Demo


Bouncy Pumpkin is out. You can play it here. The game is only available on latest WebGL enabled internet browsers such as Chrome and Firefox. I will be posting a tutorial on how to manipulate Unity Tiny Sample files for your own game. As Unity Tiny is still under heavy development. The tutorial will be an introduction to the concept of Unity Tiny. If you want to test out those sample files now, they are available at

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Welcome to I recently updated my online portfolio gallery. I hope you will enjoy those artworks.

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